Jeevan Sudha 90 Tab

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Each 250mg Tablet contains Reduces High Cholesterol
Shilajit Extract: Asphaltum
Suddha Guggulu: Commiphora mukul Reduces High Blood Pressure.
Gudduchi Extract: Tinospora Cordifolia Strengthens Heart. Akik Pishti: Processed Agate
50 mg Stops Obesity.
Binding Agent: Q.S. The Major Benefits of Jeevan sudha:
An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine Helps to balance / decrease vata dosha and prevents heart attacks, congestive heart failure and heart palpitations. Helps to strengthen the heart muscles, improves poor blood circulation and increases red blood cell count. Helps to prevents coronary heart disease, heart murmur, irregular heartbeat (ventricular arrhythmias), atherosclerosis, tremors, angina pectoris, blood clotting and other symptoms like cold hands and feet. Helps relieve numbness, tightness in the chest, shrinking benign tumors, labored breathing, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. Helps to decrease peripheral vascular resistance and regulates healthy cholesterol levels. Helps to oxygenate the blood and supplies the needed oxygen and increases vascular output. Description:The right combination of the extracts of shilajit, giloy, gugglu and agnimanth acts on the nerve system which helps in keeping the veins in perfect order, shape and size and improves the blood circulation. The main ingredients of Jeevan sudha and their benefits are:- Shilajit : is a well known single catalyst that keeps blood pressure in control, prevents deshaping of the veins. Shilajit is good body tonic and it empowers heart. It is diuretic in nature and hence helps in maintaining normal blood pressure. It protects and enhances the workings of the kidneys, pancreas and thyroid gland. It increases blood circulation, as well. Giloy :-Useful in heart diseases with Vata symptoms such as pain. It also helps in improving the immune system. Agnimantha :- It maintains fluidity of blood and does not let it to thicken or coagulate. This property plays a crucial role in treating cardiac problems arising due to hypertension resulting from cholesterol deposition in the arteries or thickening of blood under influence of intoxicants, nicotine etc. This medicinal property of Agnimantha can save lives during cardiac arrests by keeping the blood thin. Akik pishti:- This natural substance provides natural minerals to the nerves and other parts of the body for optimum functioning of all parts of the body. Akik pishti provide energy to body cells for natural healing. The natural minerals present in Akik pishti nourish the nerves and cells of the body naturally for optimum functioning. Akik pishti is a natural product and may be taken regularly for a increasing body strength and to get rid of weakness and tiredness. It is a natural rejuvenating o substance that provides energy to all parts of the body. Suddha Gugal:- Guggul contains substances that lower cholesterol and triglycerides, Guggul o significantly lowers serum triglycerides and cholesterol as well as LDL and VLDL cholesterols (the = "bad" cholesterols). At the same time, it raises levels of HDL cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol). As 5 antioxidants, guggulsterones keep LDL cholesterol from oxidizing, an action which protects against o atherosclerosis. Guggul has also been shown to reduce the stickiness of platelets-another effect that lowers the risk of coronary artery disease. Dosage: - + 1 Tablet 3 Times a day, (1 tab. Morning, 1 tab. Afternoon, 1 tab. Night) with cold water for better results or as directed by the physician. + To be taken under the surveillance of medical practitioner only
For the use of Medical Practitioners Only.

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