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Piles, Hemorrhoids, Bleeding Piles Shrink Piles, Stops Bleeding, Soothes Itching Relieves Discomfort, Reduces Inflamation, Removes Constipation 

Pileomit is an excellent ayurvedic medicine that helps in treating and curing piles, bleeding piles and other related disorders from root. Pileomit is manufactured by using high quality herbal raw materials which in turn helps in establishing 100% results to the affected patients. Generally the patients that suffers from this serious and painful disease piles has the general tendency of having chronic constipation also, but without treating the disease of chronic constipation it is very difficult to cure or treat piles . Keeping in view the deadly combination of both the diseases we have made a special kit of 3 medicines in order to cure and treat piles and Constipation. The following medicines are: 
Pileomit Powder: helps in curing piles, bleeding piles, hemorrhoids and other related disorders from root. 

Shiva Morning Fresh Plus Churna: helps in treating and removing old constipation, chronic constipation, gas, other stomach related disorders from root. It also helps in easy bowel movement. It acts as a herbal laxative. 
Marham Ajeeb Cream: helps in treating piles and any other infectious skin diseases. 

Directions to Use: Pileomit Powder: Take only half teaspoon of pileomit power ( 3 gms ) in the moring after getting fresh or clean and empty stomach with normal water once in the morning only. Marham Ajeeb Cream: Apply MarhamAjeeb ointment on the affected area or on piles with cotton or a clean finger twice a day. Shiva Morning Fresh Plus Churna: Take 1 teaspoon of churna (3-6 gms) with Luke warm water only before going to sleep or bed at the night only. Do not eat anything after consuming Shiva Morning Fresh plus Churns. Avoidance: Patients should avoid the use of following items when they are consuming pileomit kit. The following items are: Spicy food, Meat, Fish, Egg, Alcohol, Tobacco and related products, Cigarettes. The patient should avoid the above items for the better results of the kit. Note: The total duration of Pileomit is 7 days. If the patient is not feeling 100% recovered then a single course can be repeated immediately for the better and satisfactory results and get freedom from this serious and painful disease Pileomit is 100 % herbal with Zero side effects. 

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