Cancellation & Refunds & Redispatch
  • There may be certain orders that we might be unable to process due to certain reasons. Osmarket solely reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order. Certain criteria for cancellation of order includes that may result in your order being cancelled include limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracy or errors in product or pricing information or dealyed by vendor or problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department etc. (till this checking or clearance of issue, Osmarket / service partner have sole rights to hold the order. In such case if customer has placed the order and payment is made and if we are unable to Provide the product/products, full paid amount will be refunded to customer. For this enduser have to register cancel request on our customer support panel at website.
  • The refund process will be completed normally in 2 to 4 weeks when we receive the product, in case of any delivery complaint / wrong tracking ID or any other 3rd party issue. it may be delayed somethimes.
  • If the Product is out of stock with us , the re-dispatch may take up to 90 day's from the inspection date of the Return product from the customer, before that enduser can cancel his order on CC Panel anytime after our verification and checking.
  • Also if the order is cancelled by the customer after being processed, the amount of that order won't be refunded.
  • The recipient, upon signing the delivery receipt, acknowledges the receipt of the product in terms of the order placed with the Company. The Company is not liable to the Customer / recipient for any refund / replacement, under any circumstances, for any subsequent complaints with respect to such deliveries If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the Company / courier agent shall try and deliver the item thrice before returning the same to  . All costs for re-shipment and handling in the case of non-delivery to the Member shall be chargeable to the Member. In such case the order will be cancelled and the voucher amount of such product will not be refundable.